Entrepreneur Breakthrough Mastermind

12/13/2014 // BAU International (MBA Floor)

Entrepreneur Breakthrough Mastermind


Following this weekend’s wildly successful 1-Day Intensive Mastermind, the Director of Operations for #MentorMonday, Ella Rucker, and I will host another intimate group of entrepreneurs.  Get ready for our Entrepreneur Breakthrough Mastermind!

And, of course, this time we are doing it with a twist.

This special event is a gathering of 25 upstart and established business owners, bloggers, coaches, and other content producers hosted online AND here in my hometown of Washington DC.  

That’s right.  Even if you can’t make it to DC there is a chance for you to participate in the mastermind!

So how does this work?

Our goal is to bring this group together to help you make at least one major breakthrough in your business.

Ella and I will have a brief presentation (and we may have a special guest for you!), but the primary focus will be on you and your business endeavors! You will have the chance to share what you do in front of other like-minded, enthusiastic individuals and get specific, actionable feedback and advice that will help you get to where you want to go.

We will accomplish this in two ways.  There will be 25 hot seat slots available.  That means 25 people will get to have their pain points addressed by the group with myself and Ella giving insights and summing up what we feel are the strongest action items.  Those on the hot seat can either be on the DC campus or they can be brought into the room digitally.

That’s right.  If you can’t make it to DC for any reason, you can still be a part of the mastermind experience.  

Now, what we found in the previous mastermind is that there is so much value in the answers being given that even when your specific business isn’t the focus, you are getting great insight and answers you need.  To this end, we will have gallery access to the event.  That means you are invited to join us, but will not be on the hot seat.  

Date: Saturday, December 13th, 2014
Time: 9:00am – 6:00pm (Lunch included for all live participants.)
Location: Session will be held at BAU International (MBA Floor): 1510 H. St. NW, Washington DC 20005.  Online details will be emailed after participation is confirmed.

The price of a hot seat mastermind session is $347.00.  The price of gallery access is $97.

All live participants will get a catered breakfast and lunch.

The price does not include travel and lodging, although my team and I will help you identify nearby hotels with favorable rates.

Perhaps the most valuable part of this experience was not yet mentioned. From hosting several small group sessions like this over the years, I can guarantee that you’re going to develop friendships at the Entrepreneur Breakthrough Mastermind that you will have for the rest of your life – which is priceless.

And, of course, you will have access to the recording following the event for a limited time.

Ella and I can’t wait to meet you and learn more about your business. Our goal is to make sure it’s worth your time and money!

There are only 25 hot seat spots available. If you are interested in attending or have questions, please email me or the session’s co-host, Ella Rucker, directly – we’re personally vetting the group.

We are excited to host you in Washington DC!

Entrepreneurs in the Nov 1st 1-Day Intensive Mastermind with Billionaire Enver Yucel, Paul C. Brunson, and Ella L. Rucker

Entrepreneurs in the Nov 1st 1-Day Intensive Mastermind with Billionaire Enver Yucel, Paul C. Brunson, and Ella L. Rucker




BAU International (MBA Floor), Washington, DC, DC


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