The 10 Books That Changed My Life

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In a recent post I wrote about how I significantly reduced how much TV I consume and dramatically increased my reading. A key reason for doing this is because upon reflecting on “activities” that have led to substantial changes in my life, I can’t count one TV show as the catalyst.

I can, however, point to several books. Here are 10 books that have had a profound influence on my life…

10 Books that changed my life


#MentorMonday [Recap] – 3 Surefire Ways Eric Thomas Inspires: Service, Secrets, and Saying “NO”

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For this edition of #MentorMonday, Paul hosted from New York City, instead of his usual DC location, because he and his beautiful wife, Jill were celebrating a very special day. Happy 13th Wedding Anniversary to Paul and Jill Brunson!

And, a very special thank you to Lamar Tyler, of BlackAndMarriedWithKids.com for stepping in to continue the interview after Paul experienced technical difficulties. Lamar did an amazing job…Paul, don’t slip…ut oh!

Motivation, inspiration, and tools for success are all embodied in the incredible 20 plus year career of world renowned speaker, educator, author, activist and minister, Eric Thomas. ET, as he’s known, shared life lessons with the #MentorMonday community this week.

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10 Things I Learned While Making My First $1 Million

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The last 5 years in business have been transformative for me – both personally and financially. I have never been more fulfilled and purpose-driven than I have been doing what I do. And, as a result of stepping out on faith (it took a huge leap of faith to leave what others thought was a secure lifestyle to delve into the unknown), I’ve learned some powerful lessons. This journey has taken me places that I’ve only dreamed of going, while accomplishing some key milestones along the way.

Folks always ask how I did “it.” Recognizing the importance of paying it forward and sharing what I’ve learned, I managed to synthesize an actionable list of the 10 things I learned while making my first $1 million.

First Million


#MentorMonday [Recap]: 3 Myths about Entrepreneurs Lauren Maillian Bias Slayed

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This #MentorMonday was advertised as “…how to grow your small business revenue to over $1 million annually.”  And when it was all over someone in the chat room wondered why that question was neither asked nor answered.

I understand.  We all want “the answer,” but as #MentorMonday guests have proven and shared, there is never just one way to reach the top.

Lauren Maillian Bias did answer the question though; maybe not in her words, but in her work ethic and practices which she shared.  She explained how her natural inquisitiveness keeps her learning from the best, how she parents two children as a single mother, and what she does in business which makes her ventures thrive.

So without further ado, here are 3 Myths About Entrepreneurs That Lauren Maillian Bias Slayed On #MentorMonday.

#MentorMonday (more…)

#MentorMonday [Recap]: What Success in Media Really Means w/ OWN TV’s VP of Programming & Development, Endyia K. Sterns!

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#MentorMonday started as it always does.  Paul started the party early with some Blue Moon.  Yep!  Our fearless leader is loving the Blue Moon vibe and was three moons in as the show started.  Why so many?  The excitement of having…

Ms. Endyia K. Sterns!  Yes!  The Vice President of Programming and Development at the Oprah Winfrey Network and Paul’s former boss spent some time mentoring us.

The conversation centered around three media concepts:

  1. The life cycle of a show and the various actions taken from the concept to what we see on television.

  2. Getting our products, services, and ourselves on the air.

  3. The trends in media today and how entrepreneurs can fill the gaps the established media may be experiencing.

Not only did Endyia give us solid advice and strategies on how to leverage media, she also explained a thing or two about what success really means.


Oh, and you know we couldn’t let her leave without dishing about how it is to work with THE woman herself!  She has the BEST Oprah story we’ve ever heard…


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